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  In December of 1997, The Wild Bunch was formed as a country band with six seasoned musicians. The instrumentation was Drums, Bass Guitar, Female Lead Vocalist, Lead Guitar, Fiddle/Mandolin/Guitar, and Pedal Steel Guitar/Keyboards/Rythm Guitar/Banjo. After two weeks of intense rehearsal, the band started performing at all of the hot country dance spots in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

As the original members started to leave the band, the direction changed from hard core country to a variety band that could play any kind of music. This included adding popular dance music from the last six decades.

Don Bruce was the last original member changing roles from playing Pedal Steel Guitar,Keyboards, Banjo and Rythm Guitar to Lead Guitar and Lead Vocalist. Changing roles was an easy change since Don had played Lead Guitar for five years in the Air Force band. "I only gave up playing Lead in the Wild Bunch because I wanted to play pedal steel guitar" Don says. When the original lead guitarist quit the band, Don gave up the other instruments to go back to lead guitar. Although the band is a copy cover band, several of the band members write and record original songs --------- the long term goal is to play original material.

Since the inception, the band has had five female vocalists, five keyboardists, four bass players, five drummers and two lead guitarists. The fiddle is only used on country gigs. The band has been a revolving door of local musicians but the band still continues to work steadily. To see a pictoral history of the band, see The WildBunch Archives. The goal is to turn any crowd into a wild dancing bunch. That has been the key to the bands success.

The Wild Bunch plays popular dance music from the last six decades. We can transform the most sophisticated tranquil crowd to a wild dancing bunch. We are available for all types of functions at any time and anywhere in the U.S.A. Please complete the contract form or email us at DBruce@WildBunch.Com with questions if you are interested in hiring the band.